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10 Tips To Become The Godfather Of Email


Email is still relevant but can it still be effective? The quick answer is yes. Email is having a renaissance for a couple of reasons; demand and evolution. How much do we rely on email for professional and personal communication? According to McKinsey & Co people spend an average 13 hours of their work week reading their emails and Pew Research found that 92% of online adults use email. Email has also evolved; optimization, responsive design, segmentation and personalization are some of the areas that are now incredibly sophisticated. Therefore email can actually be one of the most powerful tools to reach your audience, retain customers and achieve a strong ROI. However, email is not without its challenges and could become a hindrance if some golden rules aren’t followed. Our Ebook, ‘10 Tips to Become the Godfather of Email’ will take you through everything you need to create the perfect email resulting in successful campaigns by ensuring you:

  • Include personalization
  • Set goals
  • Follow email design rules
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Follow subject line & pre-header text best practices
  • Test and optimize
  • Focus on email deliverability

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