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Deadpool's Audience Under The Microscope


As an illustration of the depth of Movio Media insights on US moviegoers, Movio’s data scientists have analyzed the evolution of the audience of one of 2016’s biggest hits, Deadpool.

The overall audience for Deadpool was male-skewed (62% vs 48% for moviegoing overall), relatively young (average age of 35 vs 40 among all moviegoers aged 14+) and more likely to be Hispanic (21% vs 17%).

The infographic highlights the ‘opening weekend gap’. The opening weekend audience made up 40% of the total audience for the film’s full run, and when compared with the total audience, the opening weekend audience was 5% younger, 5% more male-dominated, 10% more hispanic.

These results show the evolution of the Deadpool audience composition and the importance of designing audience-tailored film marketing campaigns, from opening week throughout the film’s theatrical run.

Deadpool ethnicity infographic

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