Why Movio

Movio is a place for movie lovers, technology enthusiasts, forward-thinkers, and fearless creators. One of the biggest perks here is the freedom to experience, grow and achieve great outcomes together. Everyone’s welcome to contribute their own vision to make a difference in the way our business operates.

Movio is taking the global film industry by storm and we’re continuously on the hunt for talented individuals to join in on the mission. We’re also an Accredited Employer for the Talent Work to Residence Visa, so welcome new crew members from across the world. Still wondering if this is the right place for you? See what our crew are saying below.

I get to help our clients use their historical customer data to make accurate predictions for the future.

Gabriel Swartland
Director, Client Services
Gabriel Swartland

I believe people are driven by purpose. I love connecting people to our purpose, and creating fulfilling worklives.

Lindsay Jopson
Engineering Manager
Lindsay Jopson

Everyday I get to create campaigns for movies I'm excited about seeing on the big screen.

Christine Rizzolo
Account Manager
Christine Rizzolo

As a movie and technology lover, this is the obvious place for me to be.

Pedro Costa
Senior Operations Manager
Pedro Costa

People are encouraged to share their ideas and make them happen.

Audrey Authom
UX/UI Designer
Audrey Authom

There's a really welcoming and lively culture here.

Raghu Kasturi
Software Engineer & Team Lead
Raghu Kasturi

Movio Crew Benefits

  • Monthly BBQs
  • Annual ski trip
  • Health insurance for employees and their families*
  • Daily fruit box
  • Hackathons
  • Weekly yoga classes, run club and sports teams
  • Crew cinema trips
  • An epic Christmas party
  • Regular technology meet-ups

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